Project Description

The Dotography project has evolved from the Stamp Art project and is a kind of pointillism, using mostly colour dots to create the works. The basis of the origin Dotography works are photographs, which I take through a darkened box with a perforated plate, allowing only colour dots entering the box and therefore the camera. Later, when the works got more abstract or expressing a special feeling, I used special units and fields of colours, arranged according to principles of relation and chromatic interaction.

The visual and emotional response to colour and form is important. You can say that colour and form together play a music reflecting a feeling the artist has experienced or wants to express, in addition by giving the created work a matching title. Many of the Dotography artworks are inspired by an urban feeling that I bear from my 3.5 years in New York (especially the “Soho” series).

Although Dotography works don’t appear to be based on any particular patterns from the real world, they are nevertheless influenced mostly by the effect of urban surroundings on the human eye. And there, the music of the colours is essential for the artist’s connection to the real world.