Stamp Art

Project Description

The multiple collection and display of objects and pictures have fascinated people ever since, regrouping them and linking them to a new context. And the multiple usage of post stamps from all over the world –often great art pieces themselves- holds endless possibilities for my work, illustrating from far something totally different than from close, creating a special character each time.

Post stamps themselves are a treasure of many things and meanings. As said, they are mostly artworks themselves. Then, when you think of it, they embody a great idea. To send a letter or a package to someone, you have to pay in advance, and for the proof of payment, one or several stamps are attached and postmarked to the freight to be delivered to the addressee. In foreseeable future, with technical progress, we might soon see the end of the post stamps as physical and beautiful object that millions of people even collect and pay tremendous amounts for special pieces. In a way, my work is also a tribute to this invention, cherishing the fragile object in a new context, knowing it might come to an end some day, as we all will. Therefore, in the meanwhile, let’s enjoy the beauty.